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The troubadour of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is much more than a beautiful beach destination. It is also a city with a great riq ...

The troubadour of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is much more than a beautiful beach destination. It is also a city with a great cultural richness that is nourished by the great offer of artistic activities that it offers throughout the year.

An important event that you can not miss is the presentation of the book "Julio Cabrera: The troubadour of Puerto Vallarta", which will take place next Sunday, May 20 at 8:00 p.m.

Julio Cabrera is a well-known musician from Puerto Vallarta, better known as "the troubadour of Puerto Vallarta". Since his youth he has dedicated himself to composing melodies for his beautiful town to which he claims to owe so much, having today a great repertoire of songs that illustrate the diverse landscapes of Vallarta. The event scheduled for Sunday May 20 will feature live music from local and international artists who will be performing with Julio Cabreara the songs of the book.

The presented book gathers the scores and the lyrics of the main songs of Julio Cabrera, being a tribute to his prolific career. The book was produced by Los Fridos Cultural Center, a non-profit social organization that promotes cultural activities in the region. Located in the Education neighborhood, they carry out educational and artistic activities with the children of the colony. Small and large can participate in reading, writing, drawing, painting and music workshops, totally free.

The curious name of "Los Fridos" has to do with Frida Kahlo and the plastic artist Tomás Cabrera, father of the troubadour of Vallarta, who was his student in Mexico City and member of the artistic group called "Los Fridos". The cultural center currently operates in what was the home of Tomás Cabrera, who left as a legacy the memory of "Los Fridos". The cultural center collected those stories centered on the idea that art should coexist with people outside of museums.

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