• December 27, 2015

If you are looking for the perfect present for Christmas, we will share here some ideas with you which don’t affect your expenses too much, since you can do these presents yourself:

  1. Put an end to buying clothes for your partner. What about a frame? Print a special photo of you and your loved one, create a collage, an album or something funny.
  2. Cooking? Into the kitchen! If you will meet family or friends, prepare some cookies or a dessert which is easy to prepare.
  3. When it comes to an exchange of gifts, don’t buy clothes and scarves anymore. Give something that smells good, like lotions or infusions that will create a cozy atmosphere at home or work against stress.
  4. If you are into office work and want to give something to your colleagues, coffee shouldn’t be missing. Create a personalized cup for each person, a white cup made of porcelain and write, decorate and draw with liquid porcelain pens as much as you want. Take a break to let it dry you can fill it with sweets or chocolate.

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