Dolls, clowns, spirits, among other characters, will keep you in suspense and with good humor, in the Circus of Fear, which will be presented from November 9th, in front of the La Isla shopping center, in the city of Puerto Vallarta. This spooky show, of international stature created by 100 percent Mexican talent, tells the story of Isabel, a girl who likes circuses, however, everything changes when she enters the world of nightmares to find her worst fears, what makes all the spectators wonder: what are you afraid of?

Kids and adults can come to this show to enjoy a combination of horror, fun and circus acts. A show that will keep you on the edge of the chair throughout the presentation, so have your popcorn ready and get ready to have a nice time with shouting and laughter along with your family or friends.

In addition, in this black tent, you will see the acts of tightrope walkers, contortionists, motorcycles and fire, which will also put your emotions to the test. At the end, consider taking a souvenir; when you leave, there will be the terrifying characters with whom you can take a selfie.

As an additional fact, it is worth mentioning that this circus in Puerto Vallarta has the participation of 150 people, including actors from Guadalajara, who with two months of planning and continuous work have brought it to success.

If before going to the circus you prefer to put more action on your day and do more activities in Puerto Vallarta, on the beaches of this tourist destination there is always something to do; Get on the banana, practice skiing, Jet ski or marlin and sailfish fishing. If you want something more exciting, book a snorkeling tour along with dolphins, multi-colored fishes, mats and other marine nature beauties. All this you can do both on the beach of Puerto Vallarta and on its nearest beaches.

The attractions in Puerto Vallarta are for everyone; from the famous gastronomic festival and golf tournaments, to adventure tours such as buggy tours; and ecotourism activities such as whale and turtle watching.

If you still do not know where to stay, we recommend Hotel El Pescador located in the heart of the city with direct access to Playa Camarones, from where you can walk to the Malecón and take a nice walk while you feel the sea breeze. Forget about traveling long distances, just a few steps from the hotel you can walk through the center of the city and its magical cobbled streets, as well as tour the best restaurants and shops in the area.

Book your holidays now and come and enjoy this magical city.

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