Dolls, clowns, spirits, among other characters, will keep you in suspense and with good humor, in the Circus of Fear, which will be presented from November 9th, in front of the La Isla shopping center, in the city of Puerto Vallarta. This spooky show, of international stature created by 100 percent Mexican talent, tells the story of Isabel, a girl who likes circuses, however, everything changes when she enters the world of nightmares to find her worst fears, what makes all the spectators wonder: what are you afraid of?

Kids and adults can come to this show to enjoy a combination of horror, fun and circus acts. A show that will keep you on the edge of the chair throughout the presentation, so have your popcorn ready and get ready to have a nice time with shouting and laughter along with your family or friends.

In addition, in this black tent, you will see the acts of tightrope walkers, contortionists, motorcycles and fire, which will also put your emotions to the test. At the end, consider taking a souvenir; when you leave, there will be the terrifying characters with whom you can take a selfie.

As an additional fact, it is worth mentioning that this circus in Puerto Vallarta has the participation of 150 people, including actors from Guadalajara, who with two months of planning and continuous work have brought it to success.

If before going to the circus you prefer to put more action on your day and do more activities in Puerto Vallarta, on the beaches of this tourist destination there is always something to do; Get on the banana, practice skiing, Jet ski or marlin and sailfish fishing. If you want something more exciting, book a snorkeling tour along with dolphins, multi-colored fishes, mats and other marine nature beauties. All this you can do both on the beach of Puerto Vallarta and on its nearest beaches.

The attractions in Puerto Vallarta are for everyone; from the famous gastronomic festival and golf tournaments, to adventure tours such as buggy tours; and ecotourism activities such as whale and turtle watching.

If you still do not know where to stay, we recommend Hotel El Pescador located in the heart of the city with direct access to Playa Camarones, from where you can walk to the Malecón and take a nice walk while you feel the sea breeze. Forget about traveling long distances, just a few steps from the hotel you can walk through the center of the city and its magical cobbled streets, as well as tour the best restaurants and shops in the area.

Book your holidays now and come and enjoy this magical city.

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As the Peso lowers, bargain hunters will find great deals in Paradise  

With the Mexican Peso at an all-time low, with average exchange rate between $15-$17 pesos to the US dollar, Americans and Canadians looking for last minute deals to Puerto Vallarta will find that this is a travelers market.

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s top tourism destination. Known for its 100-year-old historic center, the heart of the destination, it is alive with authentic culture, art, nightlife and a range of award-winning traditional and international restaurants. Beyond the downtown area, Puerto Vallarta makes for a vacation full of activities that all can enjoy. From strolling along Puerto Vallarta’s lively Malecón (beach boardwalk) while relishing in free outdoor live entertainment like the nightly Papantla flying dancers, to riding zip lines across tree tops or swimming with dolphins and sea lions, taking a cooking class at one of the traditional restaurants or enjoying a guided tour of the local art galleries, visitors of all ages can share memorable moments during their fun-filled visit. FOLLOWING ARE 16 BARGAINS TO ENJOY NOW
  1. Dinner at Top Restaurants –  Puerto Vallarta is home to over 300 restaurants ranging from internationally renowned establishments to mom-and-pap eateries offering dishes that go back generations. Dinner for two, including a three-course meal and a bottle of fine wine, at top iconic restaurants like La Palapa, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton favorite beach-front eatery, where they brought all their celebrity friends to party, El Arrayan, famous for its exquisite traditional Mexican cuisine, or Barcelona Tapas, with its grand view of the Bay of Banderas and the city’s Downtown area, will cost less than $120 USD.
  2. Artisan Tequilas – Many ranches and haciendas around Puerto Vallarta offer half day and full day activities including horseback riding, hiking, quad bike excursions and a tour of the tequila plantation and distillery; including tasting of top artisan tequilas and the local raicilla, a spirit of pre-Hispanic origin made from the agave root. Top quality tequila and raicilla will set one back around $20 USD / 
  3. VIP Beach Clubs – Enjoy the beach with plenty of pampering and luxury offered by one of Puerto Vallarta’s beach clubs. Mantamar Beach club has day passes for as low as $350 pesos ($20 USD), with $250 pesos (nearly $15 USD) counted as credit towards food and drinks.
  4. Learn Spanish – Puerto Vallarta is a college town, home to international universities and private schools. A two-week Spanish immersion class at one of the many language centers located in Puerto Vallarta, which also offers the opportunity to learn about Mexican culture and traditions, costs as little as $150 USD a week. 
  5. Artworks for Collectors – From the many sculptures that line its Malecon (beach boardwalk) to the fine art galleries that house national and international works Puerto Vallarta is known for embracing the arts. Visitors can explore the town’s numerous arts offerings on the guided ArtWalk tour which operates daily from October to May, making stops at 15 local galleries in the historic downtown area. The ArtWalk is free and most galleries; like Galeria Colectika have not adjusted the prices on art pieces; providing visitors a great opportunity to acquire amazing works of art for a steal.
  6. San Sebastian del Oeste – A 90-minute drive east of Puerto Vallarta sends visitors back in time to a 17th century silver mining village nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains. This sleeping town of 600 inhabitants is a colonial gem, filled with historic sites and great places to eat. Stoll around town at leisure or take guided tour. A round-trip taxi ride from Puerto Vallarta and back costs around USD $90.
  7. Your Own Private BeachFor travelers wishing to explore the natural oasis and warm Pacific Ocean waters in a secluded setting, Puerto Vallarta offers a variety of ways to enjoy their pristine secluded beaches. Take a round-trip water taxi ride out of Los Muertos Beach to secluded coves or isolated beaches like Colomitos, Las Animas, Boca de Tomatlan, Majahuitas, Quimixto, Playa El Caballo and many others. $20 USD per person.
  8. Charter a Private Boat. Spend the day at sea, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, island hopping or just sun bathing on your own private boat.  Prices start at $866 for 8 hours 
  9. Viva Tequila Tour – Enjoy a Tequila tour and a live performance of traditional colorful Mexican folklore for about $60 USD a person. 
  10. Boutique Hotels – Puerto Vallarta’s Downtown and Zona Romantica area is one of the most charming and authentic locations along Mexico’s Pacific Coast, teaming with enchanting boutique hotels, each with its own charm, unique personality and history;  offering the warm and friendly personalized service Puerto Vallarta is reputed for. Rates are as low as $40 USD per night. 
  11. Mex-Ology: Tequila, Tacos and Mexican Cocktails Tour – Enjoy authentic Puerto Vallarta culture and dining on a unique taco tour with Vallarta Food Tours. Also a fun way to see the Downtown area and a great start to a night of festivities. 
  12. Become a Taco Expert – There are a couple of signs visitors must look out for before buying a taco. 1. Is the location popular? If you see a line of locals waiting to eat at the establishment that’s generally a good sign. 2. When buying tacos from a local street vendor make sure the food is served in plates covered with a plastic for hygiene. 3. There should always be at least two people working the stand, one to serve food and the other to handle payments. Try Ceviches el Güero or Tacos el Cunado where a taco costs less than $1 USD.
  13. Brunch at Canopy River – Take a ride to the middle of the Sierra Madre and enjoy a hearty Sunday Brunch amidst the varied and lush tropical flora and fauna of the rainforest surrounding Puerto Vallarta for less than $20 USD per person. 
  14. Walk the Malecon – The Malecon is Puerto Vallarta’s heart and where everyone, both locals and tourists, gather for morning jogs, open air yoga classes and daytime or sunset strolls. It also has features some of the most delicious traditional street food, from tacos to corn on the cob with mayonnaise and chili, each for less than $1 USD.
  15. Colorful Local Celebrations – Visiting Puerto Vallarta during any of its local festivals or celebrations that take place monthly, presents a culturally rewarding experience and a chance to see the city through the cultural traditions of its people. From the Day of the Dead to the Gourmet Festival, most celebrations have activities that are free of charge. 
  16. Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board has been working with all its trade partners to offer exclusive discounts when booking is made on their site: Visitors can find discounts on activities and stays for as high as 50% off.
Additional information on Puerto Vallarta is available at

Downtown Puerto Vallarta is one of the most visited spots in the city, due to its variety of restaurants, bars, shops and galleries, but what about hotels? There are also excellent hotel options for all the family and for those seeking downtown’s vibrant energy without having to travel long distances.

El Pescador Hotel is located just a few steps from Puerto Vallarta’s famous boardwalk, the Malecon, and it’s the perfect choice for a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a fun-packed trip with friends.

With a traditional architectural style and typical Mexican décor, El Pescador Hotel has 103 rooms with both ocean and city views, fully equipped with telephone, AC, cable TV and free Wi-Fi. The comfort, warmth and service excellence will undoubtedly make you come back.

Located by the seashore along Camarones beach, a Blue Flag Certified beach, where you can enjoy fun water activities; but if the ocean is not your thing, you can spend your days relaxing by the pool in the sun enjoying a refreshing drink. Its restaurant Coral offers exquisite dishes where you can savor traditional Mexican food.

Learn about the great year-round packages and deals that El Pescador Hotel offers and enjoy up-close everything that Puerto Vallarta has for you.

Experience downtown, stay at El Pescador!

Without a doubt, Puerto Vallarta’s charm is found downtown. Surrounded by magical cobbled streets and full of all kinds of restaurants, shops and art galleries, visiting downtown is a must on your next visit to the friendliest city in the world.

Walking by its boardwalk, the Malecon, is one of the favorite activities of those who visit us; here, you can enjoy an amazing ocean view, along with a great deal of events, like free festivals and concerts in its amphitheater in the famous Arcos del Malecon, the work of talented local artists that exhibit their work along this corridor, and, of course, delicious typical Mexican food.

But, to be about all this, you have to consider accommodation right? Hotel El Pescador is an excellent option for those seeking to know Puerto Vallarta without having to travel long distances or use any kind of transport.

Located just a few steps from the Malecon and right by the seashore, El Pescador has direct access to Camarones beach, a Blue Flag Certified beach with all the amenities and services to enjoy a fun-filled day of water activities.

Discover the colors and flavors of Mexico in this hotel with traditional architecture and typical Mexican décor, in which you will find fully equipped rooms and delectable dishes at their restaurant Coral.

Their excellent deals, packages and accessible year-round rates are the perfect excuse to plan a family vacation or a weekend getaway.

Come to Puerto Vallarta and stay at El Pescador!

Hotel El Pescador, 10 de diciembre del 2014
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  2. Cooking? Into the kitchen! If you will meet family or friends, prepare some cookies or a dessert which is easy to prepare.
  3. When it comes to an exchange of gifts, don’t buy clothes and scarves anymore. Give something that smells good, like lotions or infusions that will create a cozy atmosphere at home or work against stress.
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